October 11, 2011

Arthur Kisitu: My grandfather's history

Ugandan photographer and designer Arthur Kisitu has his own studio in Kampala. It is a place of creativity, innovative designs and a place where people meet. He is fascinated by lighting. His presence in Lagos is connected to the work of Dutch photographer Andrea Stultiens, whom he met in Kampala. She wanted to document Ugandan history. Arthur told her about his grandfather who had build his own personal very visual archive. This became the basis of 'The Kaddu Wassa Archive’, which is a wonderful visual biography of Kaddu Wasswa, and in a sense a biography of common people in Uganda over the last 40 years. Wasswa - Arthur's grandfather - is a man who played an important role in his community as a teacher and social worker. The archive now travels the world. At the moment, Arthur works, among others, in slums in Kampala together with local residents on photography projects.

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