October 10, 2011

Peter DiCampo: Life without Lights

The work of Peter DiCampo is situated in a dark corner of the exhibition. The work shows photo's of people living in the dark. Visitors need lights to see the photo's. The photo's are part of a enormous project called Life Without Lights, where Peter examines energy poverty, the causes and the solutions in many different countries
'It is wonderful to be here. I have had many conversations about the photo's with visitor. And I think that looking at the photo's using the lights gives it a new dimension, it is a great effect. People told me that they now had the feeling of being me, the photographer taking the photo's. People also told me they didn't realize that there are so many people living without electricity and that the impact is so big. In general it is great to be here and interact with the audience and the other photographers.'

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