October 8, 2011

Giulia Marchi: China in Benin

Photographer Giulia Marchi studied Chinese. She was raised in a classical manner, studying greek and latin, but what really fascinated her were people living in other cultures and speaking completely other languages. So she lived in Benin, looking after Chinese people, to tell their stories. Some of the work is being published in an Italian newspaper. ‘It is not too easy to find them and get access to the Chinese community. It takes a lot of time. And then it differs if they are open or not. I spoke with a 32 year ol CEO of a company who told me he was lonely at times and that he had nobody to talk to. He liked the Benin people, but it was also hard for him to communicate. I also met a Chinese woman who married a man from Benin, they had 2 daughters and she really wanted to tell her story.'

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