October 7, 2011

Time out with Caline Chagoury

Eko Hotels and Suites is one of the main sponsors of the LagosPhoto festival. Already now for the second time in a row. We got time to have a one-on-one session with Caline Chagoury, Corporate Affairs Manager of Eko Hotelss and Suites. This is what she had to say;
"This festival is very important for us. Nigeria and Lagos are perceived in a particular way; a way that is not correct to reality as many Nigerians perceive it. Photography can change perceptions and this is how we contribute to that. Not that we don’t want any negative stories to be told. Not at all. It is just that there is so much more to tell than the war, corruption and hunger kind of stories. My favorite things about this exhibition is that there are so many different kinds of people coming together. People from all layers of society, people from many different countries. There is a lot of interaction. And it is not just the indoor exhibition. The photos are being showed in parks and public spaces and generate a lot of discussion. Photos can do that - they provoke, they move, they make you curious. I love all that. Lagos is really moving forward. It is an emerging place. Tell me that is not a good place and time to hold a photo festival"

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